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Babies and toddlers love to play, but leaving them on their own means they need a safe space where they can play without constant supervision. A playpen can provide just that. Playpens provide a wall which your child can see through and see over, and you can keep an eye on them while you carry on with your household chores. With your child safely in the pen, they won’t get in the way and they won’t get injured. Playpens can be plain so you can add all their favourite toys, or they can also come with panels which have things for your child to play with. There are no sharp edges and the sides are secure so they cannot hurt themselves or find their way out. We have chosen playpens in nice bright colours to keep your child interested, as well as mesh ones which you can move to a different room to keep an eye on them. Browse Furniture UK online for a great selection of playpens!

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