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Cots & Nursery Beds

Providing your baby with a good place to sleep will help their development and make for a happy baby. A good cot will provide comfort and support, which giving you peace of mind that they are kept safe while they sleep. Our cots are all traditional styles, with sides to keep your baby secure and with a choice of mattresses, as these are important to help you baby get a good night’s sleep. The cots are white, which means they are suitable for boys and girls, and they will look lovely in any nursery. A well-built cot is an essential item for any nursery, and as you would expect, we have put together a collection of the very best. We even have a cot which won an award from Mother and Baby magazine, so you can be safe in the knowledge that whichever cot you choose, it will protect your baby and help them sleep. Browse Furniture UK online for a selection of cots & nursery beds reviews!

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