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TV Wall Mounts

Having the TV properly secured gives you peace of mind that it won’t fall and break. Whether you’re looking to mount your TV on a wall or have it on a stand, Furniture UK has something to help. Our stands and TV Wall Mounts will hold TVs of different sizes and can cater for TVs of up to 60″. Some mounts are rigid and will hold the TV firmly in place, or you can choose a swivel mount to alter the angle of the TV. The TV stands also have small shelves which may be suitable for games consoles, or to simply add a little display space to the room.  All brackets are solid and reliable, and are guaranteed to hold the TV securely in place so you can have it in the best place for viewing. You can choose from such names as Mountright, Duronic, 1home and more, so you can be confident that you are getting the best.

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