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Wine Racks

There are some pieces of furniture that are essential to life, and there are others that are just nice to have. Wine racks, of course, fall in the latter category, but we think you’ll agree that we have some simply stunning contemporary wine racks here which make a great addition to any home. Some of our vino racks are racks pure and simple, and stand alone as a piece of furniture. Others are incorporated into bigger storage units or dressers. Furniture UK has large wine racks made of a range of oak and pine, and built to store different numbers of bottles of wine. Your choice will be guided by the other furniture you have in your home already and how much space you have available for a wooden wine rack. These racks are fine pieces of furniture that have been designed to be used in the kitchen, dining room or living room. You will be sure to find a style that suits your home here. Some of our wooden wine racks are even incorporated into tables, making them real talking pieces.

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